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We believe that you are not reading this by chance-the choices you have made the success you have enjoyed have led you to life’s treasyres. Luxury for most is privilege that result from intelligence and effort, and at the spa, We recognise that it is a privilege you have earned. And that you are here for the one things we do best-giving you time away from time.

Relax. You’re at the spa.

Ancient and contemporary therapist /beauty treatment/hammam ritual/beauty parlour. Below are services offered by Refresh Spa

Body Treatments

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    Slimming Figure Therapy

    A scrub to detox, followed by green clay wrap to coax out old waste-and your optimum ph level is restored. The neck, shoulder, lower back and legs disappears, and is replaced with a renewed vitality.

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      After Dilivered – 60 mins

      Based on your recent medical history, therapist tailor a combination of techniques to help you claim back a good posture,lost strength,hormonal balance and energy. The tension in ….

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        Pregnancy Treatment – 60 mins

        A most magical time is about to get better. Our pre-natal massage techniques aid both emotional and physical wellbeing-deep tissue movements relieve tension and improve movement, while the relaxation massage help increase metabolic function, lymphatic drainage techniques aid circulation and counter swelling, while the therapeutic massage relieve stress and anxiety and promotes muscle strength, discus option with the therapist about the combination of styles you prefer.

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          Green tea Body scrub – 45 mins

          Green tea of organic origin aid in exfoliation and all-over invigoration,draining the lymphatic system and easing out toxic waste….

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          • home-made-beach-sand-foot-scrub

            Dessert sand and scrub – 45 mins

            Experience satin like skin, courtesy of combination of dessert sand,sea salt,argan oil and traditional essences. The body feels pampered, too.

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            • 3-a

              Detox Body Wrap – 90 mins

              Dessert sand body expiliate , deep cleansing aromatic green clay body mask absorbs impurities and stimulates circulation the light, and scalp massage complement this cleansing treatment beautifully.

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              • botanical

                Oriental Hammam Ritual – 70 mins

                Experience the combined luxury of the oriental hammam scrub and shooting rhassoul clay from the Moroccan atlas mountains, blended with rose water to nourish the skin and complete your oriental experience.

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                Body Massage Service (Signature Massage)

                • 01

                  Deep tissue massage – 60/75/90 mins.

                  Sometimes,all you need is healing touch. let trained hands and perfect strokes usher tension and stress away, to make you feel new and alive again, this massage is deep relaxation using thumb pressure to relieve all the stress muscle go away.

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                    Wellbeing Massage – 60/75/90 mins.

                    “To provide therapeutic massage treatments that encourage deep relaxation, release muscle tension, relieve pain, promote healing, and bring increased health and well being to the whole person”.

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                    Body Massage Service (Traditional Massage)

                    • neck-back-shoulders-man

                      Back,Neck and shoulders – 30 mins.

                      Feel Good fast with sigh evoking touch therapy, as your muscles realise it is hopeless to resist.

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                      • pedicure

                        Foot reflexogy – 60 mins.

                        Reflexology, or Zone Therapy, is an alternative medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques

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                        • spatreatment

                          Balinese Massage – 60/75/90 mins.

                          A Balinese massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation, ease muscular and joint pain, and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

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                          • la-stone-massage-cropped

                            Thai massage – 60/75/90 mins.

                            Traditional thai technique focus on pressure points, thai stretching, energy lines, and the body natural forces. Joints are freed and mobilised, to relieve all the tension and make your body relax.

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                            Face Treatments

                            • restorative

                              Galvanic Pro-Lift Experiences – 30 mins.

                              An essential addition,galvanic pro-lift technology takes the facial of your choice to a whole new level

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                                The cure Facial

                                Deep cleansing facial working more on black head and white head, make your skin more clean and softness

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                                • GALLERY

                                  Nb sensitive skin 60 mins.

                                  Tender, loving care for sensitive skin- here’s an approach that promotes softness and pampers like nothing else, formulated specifically to soothe and protect, it helps reduce redness, calm irritation and boosts suppleness and strength

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                                  • signature

                                    Hydro-immersion 60 mins.

                                    Renew, replenish and repair-hydro-intensive ingredients help top-up the skin’s moisture levels and restore natural hydration to the maximum

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                                    • microdermasion

                                      Skin brightening oxygen facial – 60 mins.

                                      Light is purifying without equal, to rebalance combination to oily skin. giving large pores, breakouts and greasy patches the attention they deserve, it leaves you with feeling of weightlessness.

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                                      • 03

                                        Anti Aging Facial – 105 mins.

                                        Skin ravaged by time and weather needs exceptional care-hence this exceptional facial. Quickly restoring elasticity and radiance, its targeted ingredients work hard to compensate for the visible effects of hormonal deficiencies with the aid of galvanic stimulation technology.

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                                        SPA Packages for Ladies

                                        • Spa Resort

                                          The queen’s Refresh Ritual – 180 mins.

                                          Who is the fairest of them all? Indulge your majesty in a beauty ritual for bluebloods, papper, spices and essential oils envelop your skin as a precursor to a soothing massage to aid lymphatic drainage and toxin release. End by defying time an anti-ageing,as you glow with regal poise and confidence.

                                          Hand and Foot Treatment:
                                          • Spa Basic Manicure – 50 mins
                                          • Spa Delux Manicure – 60 mins
                                          • Spa Basic Pedicure – 50 mins
                                          • Spa Delux pedicure – 60 mins
                                          • Nail Art
                                          • Acliric Gel axtention
                                          Additional Quike Treatment :
                                          • Indian head massage – 15 minutes
                                          • Hand massage – 15 minutes
                                          • Foot massage – 15 minutes
                                          • Face massage – 15 minutes
                                          • Eye treatment – 25 minutes
                                          • Express facial – 30 minutes
                                          Beauty Parlor spa menu :
                                          • Hair cut
                                          • Hair style
                                          • Hair Shampoo
                                          • Hair mask
                                          • Hair spa
                                          • Hair creambath
                                          • Hair coloring
                                          • Smoothing
                                          • Toning
                                          • Hair straightening
                                          • Rebonding
                                          • Make up
                                          • Bridal make up
                                          • Wedding package

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                                          • b_-_easy_homemade_spa_treatments_300x400

                                            The Royal Experience 120 mins.

                                            Enjoy our Therapist’ expert advice, an indulgent facial treatment for your skin, and a massage that will make hard day go away.

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